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The Contemporary Modern Art Directory

The directory of modern artists below is an amazing collection of some of the best and most profound artwork ever assembled.  The wonderful world of modern art includes thought provoking abstract paintings from centuries ago, all the way up to some of the most popular contemporary  artists of the twentieth century.

Contemporary modern artwork includes brightly painted landscapes, figure paintings, expressive art, and multicolored abstracts.

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Mark Lawrence Contemporary modern artist Mark Lawrence displays his large abstract paintings and mixed media artwork.  His Modern Tile Mosaics series and VerseVisions spiritual paintings are collected around the world.

Édouard Manet– Manet was a 19th-century revolutionary artist who played a key role in the artistic changeover from Realism to Impressionism art.  His inspired paintings are considered defining moment creations that identify the beginnings of modern art.

Georgia O’Keeffe– O’Keefe was known as one of America’s most significant modern artists throughout her lifetime. She transformed the routine of painting flowers through her enormous, close-up paintings.

Vincent Willem van Gogh– Van Gogh loved art as a child.  His adult abstract paintings are identified by his bold and rough colors.  Van Gogh painted more than 2,100 oil paintings, sketches and drawings.  He unfortunately didn’t live to see the popularity of his modern art throughout the world.

Salvador Dali–  Visit this site to view a great selection of master modern artist Dali’s impressionist abstract paintings and his famous surrealist artwork.

Willem de Kooning– Born in the Netherlands, de Kooning is an artist best known for his Abstract Expressionist or Action abstract painting style.  He was considered a key member of a group of artists (including Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Adolph Gottlieb , and Philip Guston) known as the New York School.

Andrew Wyeth– Wyeth was a well-known American realist modern art painter.  His beautiful paintings of the people he came across and landscapes helped him to become one of the best-known abstract artists of our century.

David Kelly– Kelly’s modern art is influenced by his travels in the northeast and Europe and.  Visit his online art gallery to experience the vibrant colors, rainy scenes and shadows that comprise his vision of nature.

Tor Falcon– Falcon’s modern abstract paintings explore forms, color, design and a close reflection of the ordinary.  Her portrayals of scenery are unexpected and colorful.

Robert West– West’s unique modern art is a keen focus around nature, our civilization and the human condition. His relevant abstract paintings help us to understanding and be sympathetic of our world.

Alessandro Andreuccetti– Italian visual modern artist Andreuccetti’s inspiring watercolors are a treat for the eyes.  Enjoy his artistic searching through his amazing landscapes and figurative forms of transparent color.

Denis Dowland Dowland is a prolific artist whose work includes photography, illustration, cartoons and strips. Visit his online art modern art gallery and enjoy the diversity of his contemporary artistic genius.

Herman Normoid– Through Nomoid’s amazing modern paintings, colors dash and resist, blast and renew, yet never merge. Explore this wonderful collection of modern art and wonder.

Alfred Bradley– Bradley’s expressionistic modern art expresses his concern of the human condition and speaks loudly without words.  Enjoy his feelings, passion and the truth he shares through art.

Gail De Cordova– British abstract contemporary artist De Cordova makes all of the right  decisions in her stunning modern artwork.  Through a multitude of layers and she communicates the spirit or essence of her experience.

Ruben Cukier– Modern artist Ruben Cukier Cukier selects shades of colors that divulge a longing for a less deceiving certainty.  His unique contemporary surrealism abstract paintings and artwork  is to be admired and studied.

Trudie Moore– Moore’s modern art is painted in palatable colors, seductive luxurious textures.  Her paintings adventure in  the difference between the longing to touch the image and the awareness that touching is not allowed.

Nikita Denisenkov– Denisenkon creates his masterful new modern art paintings from his studio in New York. Enjoy his unique style and perspective as you peruse his online gallery.

Christine Maudy– Maudy’s colorful mixed-media modern abstract art is amazing. Her canvases are a mix of life and emotion that need to be seen and admired.

Alexander Seliverstov– Seliverstov is a Russian born contemporary modern artist.  He currently lives in Spain where he creates his unique abstract paintings.   Visit his online gallery for a real treat.

David Hockney– Hockney became famous for his contributions to the Pop art movement in the 1960s.  Based in the UK, his artwork is collected around the world and he is regarded as one of the most influential British modern artists of our time.

Animesh Roy– Roy states that he doesn’t paint to pretend that he is trying to convey any message.  He wants to communicate a happier side of life to his viewers through his wonderful modern art.  Visit and be happy!

Suly B. Wolff– Wolff’s creative modern art is noticeable because trees are a main theme of her paintings.  Enjoy her encouraging style and find it as source boundless potential.

Matteo Ruffo– Italian Contemporary modern artist Matteo Ruff has a bold and impressive abstract style.  Visit his online abstract art gallery and experience his most impressive artwork.

Corinna Wagner– German modern contemporary artist Corrina Wagner shares her abstract portraits.  Her stark and expressive style of painting is a primal experience for the viewer.

Mikolaj Jackiewicz– Modern Art painting is Jackiewicz’s passion, and it shines clearly through his amazing abstract art. He studied art and refined his contemporary style at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw Poland.

Maria Kulcsar Moldovan– Moldovan’s modern abstract art displays her wonderful use of color and texture that causes the eyes to search deeper into each artwork.  Enjoy her online gallery and be inspired.

Sonja Kobrehel– Contemporary visual-artist Kobrehel’s use of symbols in her artwork give clues to facets of her life.  Her modern art paintings frequently start with a realism impression and progresses into an amazing arrangement of abstract color.

Robert Rauschenberg– An important American modern artist who led the transition from Abstract Expressionism over to Pop Art in the 1950s. Rauschenberg was sculptor, photographer and a painter.

Anish Kapoor Kapoor is one of the most celebrated modern art sculptors working today. His renowned artwork is represented Britain at the Venice Biennale and the Paris Biennale.

M.C. Escher– A well-known, Dutch born modern graphic artist who created lithographs, woodcuts, and mezzotints.  His art often displayed incredible assemblies, investigations of geometry, endlessness, and impossible construction.

Arthur Bernard– Bernard’s figurative modern artwork shows no preconceived ideas or plans.  His abstract paintings become a new discussion between perceived reality and the viewer.

Louis Guillaume– Guillaume was raised in Southern France and now lives in Singapore. His new modern art contemporary paintings are unique and worth a visit.

Edvard Munch– Is best known by his modern art painting titled, The Scream that expressed in a unique way anxiety, terror and death.   Munch was a Symbolist abstract painter and print-maker who was an early creator of expressionist art.

Koen Lybaert– Lybart’s modern abstract oil paintings are cautiously layered oil on paper or canvases.  This unique technique creates a thick combination of overlying shapes and colors.

Sally Sheinman– Sheinman is a prolific American-born modern art abstract painter who now lives in the UK.  She grew up on a dairy farm close to the Canadian border and also worked on Wall Street.

Rumen Dragiev– Contemporary modern artist Dragiev uses his palette knife as his only painting tool while painting his incredible oil paintings.  His spontaneous technique contains big strokes and extreme texture crated with heavy paints.

John Larsen– Enjoy modern artist Larsen’s rich contemporary abstract paintings that are filled with rich textures and color. His paintings albeit abstract are familiar for he portrays the routine world as his inspiration.

Martyn Child– Child’s expressive modern art nocturnal landscapes covenants with the subject of the urban environment and the viewer’s experience of the inner city at night-time.

Leonardo Cremonese– Modern artist Leonardo Cremonese showcases his bold and imaginative contemporary abstract art on his gallery site.

Jaison Cianelli – Cianelli’s original best modern art abstract canvas paintings are created from a place of passion and expression. His artwork is uplifting and impacts the senses.

Osnat Tzadok– Osnat is best known for her large contemporary modern art abstract landscape paintings. Her work has also been featured in art galleries in Europe, Canada, Asia, Australia and the United States.

Mark Tobey– Modern artist Tobey was known in the United States and Europe.  He was considered by many as the most prominent of the “mystical painters of the Northwest.”  Tobey was also an originator of the Northwest School.

Luc Tuymans–  Tuymans is a modern artist from Antwerp, Belgium.  He is perhaps one of the most prominent modern art painters today. His well-known figurative paintings are something that everyone should experience.

Pablo Picasso– Picasso was a prolific modern art abstract painter, printmaker, ceramicist. His unique style launched him to easily become one of the greatest and significant artists of our century. Included in the list of Picasso’s accomplishments are co-founding the Cubist movement, and co-inventing collage.

Nathan Altman– Nathan was creatively influenced by Braque and Picasso.  He had a strong grasp of the art movements of his time which he used to create marvelous modern artwork.

Jackson Pollock– Pollock was an important and influential American artist in the abstract-expressionist art movement.  It is interesting that Pollock eventually stopped naming his art with words, and instead numbering his paintings so viewers would have no clues for what the art might represent.

Andrew Warhol– Warhol was an important figure in the modern art movement identified as Pop Art. He began his career as an illustrator, and became internationally famous for his work as an artist, author, and filmmaker.

Mark Rothko– Rothco considered himself an Abstract Painter.  He was captivated by Matisse’s Red Studio artwork and attributed it as a major inspiration for his modern abstract paintings.

Roy Lichtenstein– A modern artist whose comic strip premised Pop Art is highly recognizable. Lichtenstein’s artwork was also greatly influenced by advertising of his day in the 1960s.

Mary Cassatt– An American modern art painter and printmaker. Mary lived for many years in France where she developed much of her artistic sense and style.  She became friends with Edgar Degas who had a significant impact on her art and style.

Michel Keck– Contemporary modern artist Michel Keck is also known as The Raw Artist.  She is an amazing abstract artist who taught herself how to paint.

Brett Whitely–  Australian modern artist Brett Whiteley won the Archibald Prize twice. During his prolific career he lived and painted in  England, Italy, Fiji and the USA.

Abstract Art Collections and Contemporary Modern Art Galleries

The Modern Artists Gallery– A UK based modern art gallery that specializes in exciting new best modern art from emerging artists.

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art – The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art based in Kansas City, Missouri offers modern art and contemporary art and exhibits a growing permanent collection.

The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth– The Modern conserves one of the leading assemblages of modern and contemporary art in the central United States. Their permanent collection consists of more than 3,000 works.

MOCA | The Museum of Contemporary Art– Originated in 1979, MOCA is the only museum in Los Angeles dedicated solely to contemporary modern artists and their art.

Agora Gallery– The Agora Gallery located in New York city is a modern fine art gallery that was founded in 1984.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)- Created in 1935, SFMOMA is dedicated to established, and younger modern and contemporary artists and their art.

Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)- Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art provides modern artist exhibitions of the most thought-provoking art created since 1945.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art– One of the biggest museums in the United States, hosting famous best modern art collections, celebrated special exhibitions, and inspirational programs, both in person and online.

MoMA | The Museum of Modern Art– Visit the MoMA website to view amazing collections and exhibitions of modern and contemporary art.

Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA)- MASS MoCA has an annual attendance of 120,000, and is among the most visited modern art museums in the United States.

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